Mega Lures is a stress relief company. How is that? Well, we put a smile on your face and we bring you to that happy place, it will start when you receive a package from the post office, and it will not end even after a fishing trip, you will start smiling, jumping from joy and doing that funny dance. He/she will most certainly love it and will jump and dance the silly dance with you. Told you we are good!

Why Mega Lures?

Firstly and most importantly our custom lures catch fish! Big ones! No, they catch monsters! Secondly, they bring absolute pleasure to the fisherman as you are actually fishing with a 100% handmade work of art, most people don’t have art in their homes, and you fish with art… how cool is that?! Takes fishing experience to the whole new level. And finally, each and every lure that comes out of our workshop has undergone few tests, swimming, durability, sun exposure, weight they can withhold and many more behind the scenes tests in order to guarantee the best product there is on the market.

Why Wood?

Fish that you guys and girls are catching with our lures are 50″ monsters, plastic and any other light wood did not show well on our tests. All our products are made out of very strong beech wood to withstand even the strongest impact.

Why so big?

Because bigger is better, that’s what I’ve been told :D. If you are after a smaller size bait, you are at the wrong place, Mega Lures addicts catch only trophy fish, so either go find another fishing lure place or gear up and get ready to conquer any water in the world! This place is for CHAMPIONS!

What species are Mega Lures for?

Any fish that is the size of our lures or bigger. As you already know, most predators will eat the pray almost the size of itself. Aim big to win big!


Who is making these outstanding lures and who is the master mind behind all of this?

Markus Lukic makes them and Jelena Lukic does all the rest. Markus, as Jelena likes to say just sprays some paint on the wood 🙂 Seriously, right?!

Markus has been a fisherman and a lure maker all of his life, he learned from his grandfather and his surroundings from a young age. He has put together the knowledge he collected from hundreds of years that has been passed on from generation to generation and he has merged it together with modern design to create fantastic, unique and very fascinating models that can conquer any water.

If still unsure that you are at the right place, check out our reviews and photos of trophies caught with Mega Lures here.

Oh, and another thing, get ready to become addicted to Mega Lures! There is a rehab  group on Facebook, but that’s another topic!

mega Lures-collection
mega Lures-collection

Perfection and precision in lure making.