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Musky lures - Each phase of development is handmade and treated with love and care. Small things make big things happen, that is why we pay attention to every little detail. The precision and perfection is our motto. We strive to meet high fisherman standard as we would not satisfy for less.

It is a different world for us, we see the water deep down, if there are wholes, sunken ships, trees, rocks or any other obstacles, if the fish is hiding or hunting, if she prefers wounded fish as her meal, if the prey needs to move faster, slower, up, down, back and forth, glide, sink or float.

We know what that fish wants!

Our Team

Markus Lukic

Lure Constructor
Markus Lukic is a husband and a father of four. He has been a fisherman and a lure maker all of his life. When not working, he spends time with his loving family. Markus is very persistent, honest and a positive person.

Jelena Lukic

General Manager
Jelena Lukic is a wife and a mother of four. She has a degree in web design and multimedia. She is very successful and energetic person, very powerful and positive in every aspect of her life. She knows what she wants and she goes for it.

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Mega Lures for Mega Fish! Premium Wooden Custom Lures

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