MiniJerk Yellow Holo

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MiniJerk Yellow Holo

Handmade Lures

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MiniJerk Yellow Holo

MiniJerk Yellow Holo is Premium Handmade Jerkbait Freshwater Fishing Tackle

Best lures for muskie, pike, catfish, bass



Excellent swimming action

Approximately 4.5″ long body and 1.4oz

Airbrushed with fluorescent, pearl color. 

Impact, UV, and chemical resistant high gloss epoxy resin top double layer coats

Hand painted glass 3D eyes

Strong handmade wood body

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Working best with treble hooks 3/0 for fresh water

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 Every lure that comes out of our workshop has been hand painted with no patterns, pure out of hand art, therefore each one is unique and there cannot be two of the same kind.

Lure has been signed by the maker and numbered which makes it a perfect gift. 

Additional information

Weight1.4 oz
Dimensions4.5 in


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