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Mega Roach

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Perfect gift for your business partner, friend’s birthday, husband, wife or a lover!!!


Top Quality Mega Lures luxury bait!

Performs best in freshwater and on your desk.

It brings a smile on your face every day of the week, not only while out on the water.

Handcrafted Crankbait

Big fish is not interested in small bites, it will eat it only if it really gets in her mouth, but it will definitely attack big ones. So bear in mind, if you want to lure big fish in you HAVE to use big baits.

Best lures are the ones that wobble in zigzag motion, more like S pattern regardless if you draw it fast or slow, actually, many baits have solid swimming action when drawn fast but not many show a good swimming action when drawn slow.

It’s important where the weight is and the position of the lip, but that’s boring stuff all you want is for the bait to swim good.

It’s risky purchasing a handmade lure, so to make sure you are getting a good deal here, check our rating, you will see that we have regular customers, that says it all. If still unsure, go to FB and check our friends trophies caught on our lures.

MEGA PIKE listed here is 17cm long so you can easily expect a minimum 1m pike, enormous catfish or a handsome bass. If you are going for bass or pike, note that it can attack a massive pray compared to his own size so you can easily go with as big lure as you can throw (this one is light, it weights 80g)

This bait is made 100% out of hand, every piece of it, even eyes are made from scratch. It has been tested in various stages of development and is coated with 6 layers of hard epoxy, therefore you can count on it’s durability.

Pictures don’t do it justice, you will find it even more beautiful when you see it.

Lure has been signed and numbered.


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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 17 in


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