Mega GT


24cm or 9in long 

Wooden Body

Metal Lip

Epoxy Finish

Supplied with hooks


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MegaGT is handcrafted Crankbait namely made for Saltwater Fishing for Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Mackerel, Tuna


– Best for Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Mackerel, Tuna

– MegaGT

Shallow Diver

Metal lip

Excellent swimming action

Near-shore, Off-shore, Suspending, Trolling, Twitchbait

24cm or 9in long body

Airbrushed with fluorescent, pearl color

Impact, UV, and chemical resistant high gloss epoxy resin top double layer coats

Hand painted glass 3D eyes

Strong wood body

Working best with treble hooks 5/0 super strong

Every lure that comes out of our workshop has been hand painted with no patterns, pure out of hand art, therefore each one is unique and there cannot be two of the same kind.

Mega GT has been signed by the maker and numbered which makes it a perfect gift.

Thanks for checking out our listing. Please feel free to ask if any questions.

Mega Lures

specialises in production of big, 100% handmade lures. Each phase of development is handmade and treated with love and care. Small things make big things happen, that is why we pay attention to every little detail. The precision and perfection is our motto. We strive to meet high fisherman standard as we would not satisfy for less. It is a different world for us, we see the water deep down, if there are holes, sunken ships, trees, rocks or any other obstacles, if the fish is hiding or hunting, if she prefers wounded fish as her meal, if they prey needs to move faster, slower, up, down, back and forth, glide, sink or float. We know what that fish wants!!!


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