Giant Stalker Bass #148


Giant Stalker Bass #148

10 inch long body and 8oz  

Supplied with hooks

Metal Lip

Wooden Body

Epoxy finish


Only 1 left in stock


Giant Stalker Bass #148

Premium Quality Handmade Crankbait. Undoubtedly Best Bait for Freshwater Fishing, musky fish, pike, catfish, and bass.  Giant Stalker Bass performs an excellent swimming action, best used for twitching and trolling. It will easily dive from 1 to 5 ft as a shallow diver. Made with metal lip for extra durability. Sturdy handcrafted 10in long wooden body weighs 8 oz. We used the best fluorescent pearl paint. In addition, three coats of high-impact, high-gloss, UV- and chemical-resistant epoxy is protecting the paint and wood of this gem. Furthermore, we also hand-made and hand-painted 3D glass eye.  Giant Stalker Bass is working best and comes with a 3/0 freshwater hooks. Finally, every lure that comes out of our workshop is hand painted, without pattern, and completely handmade. Evidently each one is unique and no two are alike.  Manufacturer signed and numbered all of our lures. They make a perfect gift.

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Working best and supplied with treble hooks 5/0 for fresh water

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Every lure that comes out of our workshop has been hand painted with no patterns, pure out of hand art, therefore each one is unique and there cannot be two of the same kind.

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Mega Lures

specialises in production of big, 100% handmade lures. Each phase of development is handmade and treated with love and care. Small things make big things happen, that is why we pay attention to every little detail. The precision and perfection is our motto. We strive to meet high fisherman standard as we would not satisfy for less. It is a different world for us, we see the water deep down, if there are holes, sunken ships, trees, rocks or any other obstacles, if the fish is hiding or hunting, if she prefers wounded fish as her meal, if they prey needs to move faster, slower, up, down, back and forth, glide, sink or float. We know what that fish wants!!!

Why Mega Lures?

Firstly and most importantly our custom lures catch fish! Big ones! No, they catch monsters! Secondly, they bring absolute pleasure to the fisherman as you are actually fishing with a 100% handmade work of art, most people don’t have art in their homes, and you fish with art… how cool is that?! Takes fishing experience to the whole new level. And finally, each and every lure that comes out of our workshop has undergone few tests, swimming, durability, sun exposure, weight they can withhold and many more behind the scenes tests in order to guarantee the best product there is on the market.

Why Wood?

Fish that you guys and girls are catching with our lures are 50″ monsters, plastic and any other light wood did not show well on our tests. All our products are made out of very strong beech wood to withstand even the strongest impact.

Why is MiniCrank Striped Bass so big?

Because bigger is better, that’s what I’ve been told :D. If you are after a smaller size bait, you are at the wrong place, Mega Lures addicts catch only trophy fish, so gear up and get ready to conquer any water in the world! This place is for CHAMPIONS!


Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 10 in


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