June 20, 2018

Freshwater Lures

Freshwater Custom Lures - Made for men not for boys!!!

Electra, shown in the video above, is our basic model of freshwater fishing lures. 

It comes in one size 28cm - 170g and various patterns.

It is designed to catch that ultimate one, nothing less than that.

Snatcher is one of our very popular models for Canadian and US rivers. Muskies and Northern Pikes absolutely love them, especially Walleye pattern.

They are a bit smaller than Electras, 22cm and weigh approximately 100g so they can be used in wider range.

Stingers are 27cm and they weigh approximately 100g and are favoured for their thin body design. 

Bluegills and Crappies - Who wouldn't love them.... they are so small - 15cm and weigh 100g, they are literally for every fisherman and every fish. These are best used in summer when musky feeds on smaller pray. 

All our lures are handmade from head to tail.

Each lure that comes out of our workshop is handmade and handpainted by Markus Lukic himself.

All fish eyes are also designed and handmade for each model and pattern individually.

Every lure is tested in various stages of development and is not put up for sale unless it is absolutely perfect!

A lot of love, passion and hours is put in each and every lure to make them look and swim perfect.